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Speaking &​ Seminars

For those who are, want to be, or are curious about what it is to be: 

  • present, conscious leaders, employees and individuals
  • driven by a higher purpose
  • calm and resilient, even in chaos 
  • living a life that is successful and meaningful 
  • making a positive difference in the world
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A Free Gift for You

Optimizing Your Life with Presence: A guide for becoming more present in your work and life.

1:1 Coaching

Partnering with a presence-based coach allows you the freedom to center yourself, get clear, and focus on what is truly most important to you. You move forward with assuredness and motivation along with practical goal setting, action steps, and accountability.

Meaningful and successful outcomes occur from better decisions, better relationships, and the revitalizing peace of mind that comes from being on track with your life.

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Learn more about awareness –developing and refining attention in the workplace and in your personal life for living life to the fullest.

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Awareness Training at the Workplace

for leaders, managers, and employees

A healthy and inspired workforce means people are not simply productive, creative, and collaborative – they feel connected, alive, and purpose driven. 

Awaken to Life training programs use presence-based approaches to help people be present, clear, and focused while strengthening their capacities to suspend judgments, be emotionally intelligent, and accelerate their performance.

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